The services listed above are just a sample of all the ways we can help you with your video production needs. To better serve our current and future clients we are always learning new production elements.  We are always expanding our professional network as well. To meet the ever changing needs of internet delivery we have even partnered with production houses across the country and internationally. One of our translators/voice over artists is based in Portugal.

If you have an idea or concept for a video, give us a call or drop us an email and let's talk.

Video Services

Broadcast Commercials
All of our commercials are produced in high definition and can
be distributed in a number of ways. We work with networks, stations, theaters, web departments, and more to make sure your commercial will look great when it is finished. We also provide you with internet and smartphone ready versions of your commercials to use on your website and carry with you every day.

Instructional & Training Videos
Instructional and training videos can save both money and time. We film the training videos on site in the environment the tasks take place on a regular basis so the trainee gets a true feel for the process. We will also keep the projects on hand, so when a process changes, we only need to replace the small section that changed.    

Web Delivery
All the videos we produce can be converted for web delivery. Web delivery is cheaper and faster than sending out a new DVD every time you update your videos. Customers don't have to wait to see your product. They can simply go to your website and see what they want to help you complete the sale.

Tape Transfer Services

VCRs are quickly becoming more and more rare. Hi8 and Digital 8 cameras are becoming few and far between. Even the new formats, such as MiniDV tapes and memory cards, present the problem of not being able to easily play back. We can help. We can transfer your home movies to DVD for easy viewing.

Video Services

At Wilson Video Productions, we pride ourselves on high quality video production and offer a wide range of production and marketing services. Our goal is simple: focus, create, inspire. We take the time to focus on each client and their video needs. We create a one of a kind video that fits their needs and helps market their business. Finally, we inspire. We want every video we produce to motivate its viewer to take action, whether that action is to donate to a cause, purchase a product, or select your company's service.

Trade Show & Sales Videos
One of the biggest challenges every business faces today is getting the word out. Everyone has a website and there are thousands of trade shows every year for every type of service. Our videos help you stand out above the rest of the crowded marketplace. Video gives you the ability to be everywhere at one time while delivering a consistently clean, professional image and message.

Real Estate Tours
Home buyers are using the Internet more and more everyday when they are looking for a new house. We can help your location stand out from the rest. Video tours are a great way for your potential buyer to see their dream home.

Weddings & Live Events

Dance recitals, plays, weddings, family events, grand openings, and dedication ceremonies are just a few of the types of live events we have covered.  We offer the amount of coverage that you need. Each special event is just that, special, and that is how we treat them. Our coverage can be as simple as a single camera for one hour or three cameras to cover an entire wedding day.

Print Ads
We can help you with stills ads, too. We can handle your ad from start to finish. No pictures for the ad? No worry. We can send a professional photographer to your location to take the photos we need. We will also work with your ad agency to make sure they have everything they need.